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Fan between  authentic reproductions of Tiffany... 

... and original creations made with the Tiffany technique named after the creator of these legendary lamps.

As their name indicates, the authentic reproductions are faithful replicas of the lamps created by Louis Comfort at the end of the 19th and the beginning of the 20th century.

Deeply inspired by the mineral world and the plant world, these noble luminous ladies deploy American Art Nouveau in the muted brilliance of opalescent glass with crystal qualities.

Poppy 16_-détail
Anyone interested in an authentic reproduction of a Tiffany lamp can choose a model available in the workshop at Autre-Eglise, or order a new copy with the glasses of their choice, in the range of opalescent glasses.
Among the models available to order:
Azalea 10", Accorn 10", Dogwood 12", Daffodil 14", Dragonfly 14", Tulip 14", Poppy 16", Pansy 16", Woodbine 16", Geranium 16", Tulip 16", Dragonfly 16", Dogwood 16 ", Magnolia 18", Clematitis 18", Poppy 20", Daffodil 20", or other on request.
For any other order, or stained glass project, I invite you to make an appointment in my workshop in Autre-Eglise to accompany you as best as possible..
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